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Photo Sleeve Fuse Tool & Accessories


With this Fuse tool from We R Memory Keepers, you can create your own sized pockets and sleeves on page protectors.

This can be used to make shaker cards, sealing in keepsakes and memorabilia on scrapbook layouts, or Project Life spreads. Great for shaker cards!

This is the UK 220v version of the Fuse Tool.

Tool and accessories sold separately.

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The Fuse Tool comes with a welding/fusing tip, cutting tip, ruler stencil and tool stand.  The welding tip creates a strong, clean, micro-weld seam that will not tear or separate. The cutting tip allows a slit to be cut in the sleeve.

Allow to heat up for about 10 minutes, use at a 45. angle and go slow across the page protector / plastic.

The metal part on this tool gets very hot! Check out the Heat Mat and Holster from We R Memory Keepers for safety.


This super flexible silicone mat will cling to any clean smooth surface easily!  The mat has a 12 inch by 12 inch grid and can be easily cleaned with water.  The holster is amazing for holding the fuse tool while it heats up and cools down, and while the tool is in use.

Both the holster and mat are heat resistant to 200 degrees Celsius.  No more worrying about the tool falling over and possibly melting or burning anything!  This is a 13 inch by 3 inch by 3 inch package.


A fun way accessorizes your Fuse tool and create some new fused designs. Four unique Fuse Tool tips for decorating, cutting and fusing!

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