Tri-fold Birthday Card and Stamped Candle Gift Set using Concord & 9th Birthday Stacks Stamp by Laura

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Hello, crafty friends! I’m happy to be back on The Little Paper Tree’s Blog today sharing a fun, tri-folding birthday card as well as a matching stamped candle. Keep reading to find out more on how I made this gift set, and links to The Little Paper Tree for the supplies I used.



I made both of these projects using just a handful of supplies and the Concord & 9th Birthday Stacks Stamp. As soon as I saw this stamp set in the February release, I knew it would be perfect to try out candle stamping. While I also had a vision for what my card would look like, I didn’t have the idea to do the tri-fold until I was choosing my sentiments in the design phase.


I loved the handwritten look of them and I wanted to use ALL of them, so I needed to find a way! 🙂 There is an accompanying die set that I didn’t get, but would have been quite helpful when making this card, and if you don’t want to do the fussy cutting (like me, the crazy gal who loves it!), the dies can be used instead.


The Candle

First up, I’ll explain how I made the candle. And, this is so much easier to do than you might think! I even used a piece of white tissue paper that had a few creases in it from where it was used in gift packaging. It wasn’t badly wrinkled, and if you want, you can put a tea towel over and use a low-temp iron to get the major crinkles out.


Then all you have to do is stamp the image (you want to be on the candle) onto the tissue paper. I used Versafine Onyx Black because it’s so crisp, and I felt its composition might be better suited for the delicate tissue paper. I’d hoped it wouldn’t absorb too much into the paper like dye inks are designed to do.


Turns out, there were places that the ink absorbed into the paper too much and caused the lines to bleed a bit. I stopped this from happening by stamping firmly onto the tissue paper but not holding it there too long – or applying too much pressure.


Solid Stamps

Part of the reason I was so excited to use this stamp set for this project is because it comes with all the solid stamps to fill in the rows of packages, candles, balloons, etc. It quickly adds a burst of color to any project and saves loads of time not having to color it in. When stamping on candles, you can stamp any type of image you want, it doesn’t have to be one that is solid (or has solid components.)


If you want to stamp an image and color it with alcohol markers, you can do that. You can use Zigs, too. Not with water, of course, and try not to saturate the paper with too much ink…this goes with whatever you coloring medium you choose to use.


Once I had my image stamped on the tissue paper, I cut them out with my trusty Micro Tip Scissors as close as I could around the image, making sure I don’t cut away any of the actual image! After I had my pieces cut out, I placed each image separately onto an inexpensive, white pillar candle (I bought in Tesco), and wrapped the entire candle with a fairly long piece of parchment paper (making sure the image is completely covered!!)


This is the regular ‘ol parchment paper you find in the food storage aisle at your grocer. When you wrap your candle you want it to have enough excess that you can grip it in your hand so that it lays flat around your candle, holding your image in place for the next step.


Transferring The Image

Have your heat tool nice and hot and bring it to your candle close enough so you just barely melt the image into the candle. You can see the change through the parchment paper. Be careful: it melts quickly and you don’t need the heat gun to be too close to the candle. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s definitely too hot for the wax. Pull back just a little and move the gun to the next part as soon as you see it melting, and that’s all there is to it!



I noticed my candle started to get these weird, oval-shaped impressions around where I was melting my image into the candle. This didn’t start to happen until the last image was being melted, so perhaps the constant heat on the candle played a factor in this.


But, I figured out I was pulling my parchment paper too tight and it was creating these oval shapes that were pressing into the warm candle. So, I wrapped my parchment paper around the problem area, this time making sure I loosened my grip slightly AND making sure only to heat the section that was completely smooth as it was opposite my grip.


I heated for just a few seconds, quickly removed the parchment, and ever-so-lightly smoothed the area with my fingertips and it was good as new!


Tri-Fold Card

Up next, I have the tri-fold card using all the rest of the party elements from the Birthday Stacks set. As usual, I laid my stamps out on an A2 panel so see how they would look on the page. Then, I cut three pieces of Neenah Solar White: two sized 4.25” x 5.5”, and two more sized at 8.5” x  4”.

You can cut down on one panel (if you are concerned about weight) by eliminating the two folded panels and cutting ONE panel to 12.75” x 4” and scoring on either side of the middle panel. I personally find it easier to do the two panels individually because I can trim off any excess if I measure wrong…which happens a lot more than I’d like it to! If it were all one panel, it better be a perfect fit because you are stamping the images right next to the edge of the card front so there’s no extra to trim.



I stamped each row of the outlined images across the top of each of their respective panels and used a variety of inks colors (all available at The Little Paper Tree) to fill them in. For the two scored panels, be sure to stamp your image toward the left or right so that it will span the width of the front of the card.


I then used my Fiskar’s Paper Trimmer and a bone folder to score my panels (and I put the back, full-sized panel right next to it to make sure it fit.) I didn’t fold them just yet because I wanted to fussy cut around the tops of the candles, packages, and balloons, and it was easier to do this with a straight piece of card.


Fussy Cutting

This is where you could use the coordinating die, but fussy cutting the outline around the three of these panels  didn’t take more than 15 minutes total, and I do enjoy some fussy cutting! 🙂 I lined up my panels to see exactly where I wanted my top layer to be, and I trimmed about a quarter inch off the bottom since I’d stamped along the top. The top layer ended up measuring about 4.25” x 3.75”.


Adding Sentiments

Last, I stamped the corresponding sentiments on each of the panels and then I am ready to glue all the panels together. I place the three stamped panels together to make sure everything lines up properly. They do, but I still continue the outline trim a bit onto the back of their respective panels just to ensure I can’t see it on the front of the panel.


It doesn’t matter if it looks bad on the back because I’m going to use that last panel to cover it all up anyway. I wanted a strong adhesive so I used my favorite liquid adhesive, Tombow Mono Multi Liquid. Now, all is left is to glue on the back panel.


Since I thought it looked better to cut a little further down the balloons (at the edge of that panel), I decided to mark on my back panel where that was, and trimmed it to be about 5.25” so when I glued them together, I couldn’t see the back panel peek through at the edges of the balloons.


And you did it! Thanks for sticking with me. I absolutely loved working with this set, and still have loads of card ideas in my head, so maybe you’ll see more from me using this amazing set! I hope you were able to find a bit of inspiration in my project today, and if you want to give it a go, click on the links below to get the products I used. Happy craftings and…see Y’all next time! xo




Concord & 9th Birthday Stacks



Versafine Onyx Black

Altenew Mini Ink Set Shades of Purple (used Lavender Fields, Deep Iris)

Hero Arts Mini Ink Set Summer Splash (used Butter Bar)

Distress Inks Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry, Wild Honey



Neenah Solar White

White Tissue Paper (candle)



Tombow Multi Mono Liquid



Fiskars 12” Paper Trimmer

Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors

Tim Holtz Mini Snips

Lawn Fawn Acrylic Blocks (various sizes)

Bone Folder


Heat Tool

Parchment Paper

White Pillar Candle from Tesco




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  1. Jeni
    | Reply

    Lovely card Laura. I want to try decorating some candles now!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      thanks, jeni! you should give it a go…it really is pretty easy! x

  2. Natalie Bowers
    | Reply

    I love the card and the candle … I think I know what my next craft is going to be!

    • Laura
      | Reply

      thanks, natalie! yeah, EVERYBODY is getting candles now lol!! 😀

  3. Jeni Machon
    | Reply

    I have wondered that you – being an American living in Ireland – finds it difficult to add U to words like colour and favourite… but just looked a little closer and you don’t spell colour with a U. I didn’t notice before because I spell it both ways, I also spell Mom with an O.

    • Laura
      | Reply

      very interesting question…well, i actually switched over to the irish/english way of spelling fairly easily as i tend to “sponge” off things around me. my daughter calls me mammy which is hard for the americans back home who expect young kids to say “yes/no, ma’am” to any elder that is a woman so they get confused. There are a few words that i really struggle to change the spelling and those tend to be where the y’all (you like that nice american southern word?) use an ‘s’ as opposed to a ‘z’. I tend to go back and forth using both spellings for all of the (same, yet) different words. typically when i’m doing crafty blogs and write-ups, my target market is the biggest market possible (which iUSA is a big part of) so i tend to use “american english” spellings! 😉

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