Slimline Sunflower digital stamp card by Laura

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Hello and welcome, crafty friends! Laura here today with a cheerful card featuring Sunshine And Bee Designs Face the Sun Digital Stamp. This card is fairly simple to put together, but to colour each petal will take a little bit of work, so grab yourself a cuppa and let’s create!

Always Face The Sun Full

Print and cut digital stamps

I like to work with my digi stamps in Cricut Design Space. That’s mostly because I can use the ‘Print then Cut’ feature and the Cricut will do all the cutting for me. First, I upload the png file into Cricut Design Space. I created a rectangle shape in the size of a DL matted layer (3” x 8”) to be the base of my card. Then I figured out the layout and where the images would be placed on the card. Once I was happy with that, I used the slice function on the card base and the flower image so I could chop off of the excess flower that was hanging over the side. Without moving anything, I welded the parts of the flower (still on the card) back together. Once I had that done, I flattened the image to the base so it would print, then cut around the outside of the card base.


Next I needed a sentiment, so I brought the sunflower image back into Cricut but this time, I converted to cut, then used the ‘contour’ function to delete the flower parts, leaving me with the sentiment. I decided I only wanted a part of the sentiment, so I used the contour function to delete the wording I didn’t need.

Then, using Design Space, I printed my image onto a piece of Neenah Solar White then used the Explore to cut out the image/base and the sentiment (from a piece of orangy-yellow card.)

Colouring the flowers

Next comes the fun part – colouring! I used Copic Markers but these uplifting flowers would look great in any colouring medium. Just be sure your printer ink won’t bleed by doing a test run (with your chosen paper and medium) and leaving to dry long enough. I find when I let it dry overnight – I don’t have any issues with my ink bleeding no matter how heavy handed I get with the colour. 

Can you guess which colour I used as a shadow/base for the petals?? It might surprise you, the first colour I laid down (in the shadow/darkest areas) was V15. I think V12 might have worked a bit better for blending purposes but that marker has completely dried up so I had to improvise. (All part of the fun of crafting I think!)

Always Face The Sun Colouring

Over the top of V19, I used Y38 to blend out leaving the tiniest bit of white space, to which I used Y35 to cover. For the sunflower center, I covered the entire middle with E23. Then I made a smaller circle (leaving a bit of light all around the circle’s edge) with E25. I went in with E29 and made tons of little dots. Back to E25 to go over the entire inner circle again (including the dots.) Then, I went back and did lots more dots with E29. Not necessarily in the same place as the previous but again, ALL OVER.


Colouring the stem

The stem was a bit tedious because I wanted to show it as being round. I basically drew a line down the sides and top (and where anything laid over them) in YG67. Went behind it using YG17 to just barely bring toward the middle but making sure to leave a white space all the way down the center of the stem. Then I took my time to just barely blend that out to the center using YG23. In fact, I wasn’t really trying to blend as such as just make the changes in colour a tad less obvious. The effect is fantastic but definitely takes a patient hand.


Colouring the leaves

For the leaves, I used the same colours as the stem, but put down my darkest colour in the center,  edges and tip to show shadow on parts of the leaf that might be turned downward (and away from the light). Then came in blending out toward the middle of each side of the leaf where the sun would hit it most.


Always Face The Sun Close Up

After that, it was just adhering and putting the card together. I matted the coloured layer onto kraft card that measured 7” x 8.5” (scored in half on the long side), added a few sparkly sequins from Little Things by Lucy, and there you have it.

I love those bright, cheerful sunflowers. Don’t you?

Well, that’s all for today…

See y’all next time! xo


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