Stacked Stamped Card by Helen

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Today I’m sharing a layered and stamped card which is simple to create but looks very effective.



Start by deciding the size of the finished card that you want – you can use a square or rectangle or even a circle.  Work down from your finished card size to decide on the layers you are going to use.


For example, my final card size is 13cm by 13cm which means my first black layer is 12.5cm by 12.5cm and my first stamped layer is 12cm by 12cm.


So I cut squares of white card measuring 12cm by 12cm, 10cm by 10cm, 8cm by 8cm, 6cm by 6cm and 4cm by 4cm.  My black layers are 0.5cm larger each time so 4.5cm by 4.5cm, 6.5cm by 6.5cm etc working upwards.


Set the black squares aside and then stack the white squares on top of each other using a small piece of double-sided tape to attach the layers together.





Stamp the small flower and leaf image from the Grace in Bloom stamp set multiple times all over the layered card ending up with something like this.




At this stage, don’t worry if it looks like you have missed some of the stamping – this is just because you have been stamping across two layers.  Any little missing bits of stamping won’t be seen once the card is layered up.



Now put the card together using alternate squares of stamped panels and the black layering squares.


I used a sentiment from the Thoughtful Phrases stamp set with a black layer underneath and two black gems.



Grace in Bloom Stamp  – Catherine Pooler Designs

Thoughtful Phrases Stamp – Catherine Pooler Designs

Premium White Card – Catherine Pooler Designs

Midnight Ink Pad & Refill – Catherine Pooler Designs

Mini Midnight Ink Pad – Catherine Pooler Designs

Tape Runner – Stix 2

Stamp Scrubber – Picket Fence Studios

Stamping Acrylic Blocks – Catherine Pooler Designs

Black Card

Black Gems

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