Two Cheeky Dragon Just Breathe Cards by Jeni

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I have two cute cards using the Cheeky Dragon digital stamp. I printed both at different sizes – which is a great advantage of having digital stamps! The Cheeky Dragon is just one of 12 new digital stamps available at The Little Paper Tree.


Print onto Bristol Smooth card and use Polychromos coloured pencils. I colour the bigger dragon first and use 199, 274 and 233. Adding the 199 Black first, then the 274 Dark Grey and filling the rest with 233 Warm Grey.  For this Cheeky Dragon, I went with a central light source (the light is directly in front of him).


I slowly build up the colour to get the dark shadows and highlights.  Working on parts of his body at a time.  I started on his legs and arms, then his tail (with most of the shading where the tail goes behind his body), then went to his nose, face, and finished with his round cheeky cheeks!

The red for his body is 142, 219 and 121 with the darker colour (142) at the edges of his body (and a little under his arms ) and horns and keep the highlight colour (121) at the middle.



I searched through my stencils and thought the Turkish Delight stencil would look interesting with this dragon.  With purple tape, I taped the stencil to the card and used Twilight ink from Catherine Pooler’s neutral ink collection.  The blending brush I used had some blue leftover on the bristles, so the colour is more blue-grey than pure grey. (I need to clean my brushes with the Blending Brush Scrubber)!


I blended through the stencil first, but felt the white card was so stark against the colour, so blended over the card (and stencilling) to add a light colour over the card.  I lined up the stencil over the previous stencilling and ink blended again.  Adding more colour to the top middle – where the dragon would be. The easier way is to lightly ink blend the whole card first, then place on the stencil and ink blend to get the pattern.



I was stuck for a sentiment for this card but I knew I want a big bold sentiment. The Just Breathe stamp set was on my desk and I thought it was perfect! Dragon’s breathe fire so obviously you don’t want to get too close!  I stamped the “Just Breathe” at the top of the card and the “(but not too close)” at the bottom – both centred on the card.



For this smaller dragon, I use the same colours as above but kept the colouring lighter.  For his light source, I imagine the light coming from the right and add the shading where the light would not hit.  The left sides of his legs are darker, as well as the left side of his nose and face.  I add two black areas on both sides of his body to make his tummy smaller.  On this dragon, I was able to keep a small white highlight in his eyes! (Normally, I am too heavy-handed to leave this tiny area clear).



For this little dragon, I want to create a colourful strip with the Split Chevron stencil. I tape off a 2-inch strip from my white card with purple tape.  Then tape the stencil to the card.  First, I use Melon Ice ink and ink blend over the stencil.  I add more colour at the bottom and lighten the colour near the top.


I move the stencil to cover the Melon Ice ink and ink blend with Mint To Be ink in the same way as above.  I love how this created strips of colourful chevrons.

Stamp “Just Breathe” at the top with Midnight ink then I place the dragon on the card and stamp the “(but not too close)”


I fussy cut both dragons up to the black printed line, and colour the edge of the white card with a black marker. Adhere both the dragons with foam tape, then adhere the card fronts to a card base.



Cheeky Dragon Digital Stamp – Sunshine Bee Designs

Just Breathe Stamp Set – Catherine Pooler Designs

Turkish Delight Stencil – Catherine Pooler Designs

Split Chevron Stencil – Catherine Pooler Design

Midnight Ink Pad – Catherine Pooler Designs

Twilight Ink Pad – Catherine Pooler Designs

Mint To Be Ink Pad – Catherine Pooler Designs

Melon Ice Ink Pad – Catherine Pooler Designs

Mini Spring Fling Ink Pads – Catherine Pooler Designs

Mini Midnight Ink Pad – Catherine Pooler Designs

Blending Brush – Picket Fence Studios

Blending Brush Scrubber – Brutus Monroe

Stamp Scrubber – Picket Fence Studios

Bristol Smooth Card – Strathmore

Pre-Scored Card Base – Catherine Pooler Designs

Purple Tape – iCraft

Tape Adhesive – Stix 2

Foam Tape – 3M Scotch

Polychromos Coloured Pencils

Epson Printer


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